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An area of the Earth’s surface that include soil, which is very important for agriculture; land cover, which is important for the environment; and landscapes which are an important component of human habitat and welfare. Besides forming a basis for plant and animal life support systems and agricultural production, land aids in the preservation of terrestrial biodiversity, regulation of the hydrological cycle, carbon storage and recycling, and other ecosystem services. It acts as a store of raw materials, a waste dump and landfill for both solid and liquid waste, and a basis for human settlement and transport activities (FAO 1995a, Wood, Sebastian and Scherr 2000).

Assessments of Land in:


Latin America and the Caribbean
(from the GEO 3 report)

  pdf file (602Kb)  

Latin America and the Caribbean
(from the GEO LAC 2000 report)

  pdf file (416Kb)   archivo pdf (272Kb)

Data on Land in
Latin America and the Caribbean

  pdf file (16Kb)   archivo pdf (18Kb)
  xls file (15Kb)   archivo xls (15Kb)

(from the GEO Caribbean report)

  pdf file (85Kb)  

(from GEO Barbados - State of the Environment Report 2000)

    archivo pdf (113Kb)

(from Environment Outlook of Cuba 2000)

    archivo pdf (394Kb)

Costa Rica
(from Costa Rica Environment Outlook 2002)

    archivo pdf (141Kb)

(from Panama Environmental Report 1999)

    archivo pdf (135Kb)

(from Country Report: Chile State of the Environment 1999)

    archivo pdf (592Kb)

(from Peru National State of the Environment Report 2000)

    archivo pdf (93Kb)

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